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i should be studying, but.... [Mar. 25th, 2007|02:32 pm]
>>>b r a n d o n
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to waste time, i've decided i'm due for my bi-yearly semiupdate for all of my dedicated livejournal readers. (yeah, all zero of them)
so what's been going on in my life lately?
well, going back to last semester, i was one grade off from a 4.0 (i got a B in one class, all the rest were A's). crazy, right? mr. academic probation/getting nearly all W's in one semester is now on the dean's list his first semester of "real" college.
well...i'm trying to continue the trend this semester, but it's not easy. i've got a pretty lax schedule as of right now, but one class in particular, statistics, is kicking my ass pretty bad. i've always hated math, and i vowed to myself 2 semesters ago that i would never, ever take another math class ever again in my entire life. to ensure this promise, i had made me major in english, a subject that's just about the furthest thing away from math that i can possibly get. so, what happened? i've decided that english was not only a stupid and "easy way out" for me, and was leading me in the direction to do nothing other than teach, but i've also decided to further indulge my interest in psychology, which will hopefully be my new major as of next semester. and of course, psychology requires all of it's students to have passed a statistics course with a C or better, and i figured if i really wanted to be in a psychology major that bad (which, as of right now, i do), i might as well get the difficult shit out of the way and be able to focus on nothing my psychology studies next semester. so that's that.
also, a big event that will be happening in my life very soon is getting my very own apartment. living on campus has had it's many ups--being within 2 minutes walking distance from stephanie, walking to class, which means pretty much never driving and never having to worry about a gas bill, to name a few--but with the ups there come many downs that i have just decided that i don't want to deal with. my roommates aren't terrible people, but they're not people i ever want to live with ever again. it's pretty much a repeat of the living conditions i dealt with in davis last year, only these people aren't my best friends, and so this time i have absolutely no tolerance for it. so in less than 3 weeks i will be moving into these brand new apartments down on expressway and having my own living space for the first time ever. i'm totally pumped. it's going to kinda suck driving to school now, but it's a sacrifice that i'm willing to make in order to be able to have a place that i'm not sharing with any other inconsiderate slobs like the people i'm living with right now. parties will be had, i'm sure.
i'm actually moving right in the middle of my spring break. before i move, alex is coming home for a few days, which means we get to fuck up my current on-campus apartment even more than its fucked up right now before i peace outta there, then on easter sunday i go to denver to visit my grandmother for 2 days. i come back from denver, then the next day i move into the apartment. then the day after that is stephanie's birthday, so i'll be really busy...but i'm really looking forward to all that good stuff.
other than studying and looking forward to the future, not much else has been happening really. i've seen a handful of really good movies lately (zodiac, black snake moan, shooter, to name a few) and i've been coming home to stockton every once in a while to kick it with grayson, and also i finally got to see saul for the first time in forever a few weeks ago.
well, i guess that's all i really have to ramble about right now. as i said before, i really should be studying for a statistics midterm that i have on tuesday. i'd say that i'll update soon if anything significant happens...but i'd hate to be a liar.

[User Picture]From: heartshapedbox
2007-03-26 03:08 am (UTC)
well hello stranger... glad to see you're doing well
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