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new year [Jan. 1st, 2007|03:33 pm]
>>>b r a n d o n
[Current Music |nas - black republican feat. jay-z]

so last night's new year's eve was....quite eventful. it didn't really go the way any of us had hoped, i think...but that's what happens when things don't get planned. it was still a good night, in my opinion....we were supposed to originally go to tahoe...then that fell through. then we were supposed to go to davis and drink wikis....but i didn't want to book a hotel room until i knew who all was going to go...and then finally, as of 3pm yesterday, some of us were going to have a hotel party in lodi. our group thusfar had included myself, stephanie, grayson, saul, vince, sabrina, alex, and niqui. vince and sabrina were at work, and vince didn't get off til 10...so he decides to tell me that i should book the hotel room. well...long story short, the hotel room didn't get booked, and we just decided to shitcan the whole "hotel party" anyway, since no one really wanted to stay the night anywhere other than their own house. so, we just decided to stick with the group we had (myself, stephanie, grayson, alex and niqui) and go to a bar. we had already had drinks at dave wong's, then me and the 2 guys had sparx right before we went to the bar....i thought it would keep my buzz going, but it ended up making me hyper/drunk/sick, so i ended up pretty much being at the height of my hyphyness before we even hit the bar, and the thought of ordering a drink was making me sick. it was still fun though, as we were able to get a table at basil's. it wasn't too crowded or noisy and filled with morons, and we had gotten there just in time for the midnight countdown. after about an hour at the bar, we decided to call it a night...and that was that. not quite as eventful as last year...but goodtimes. and there's always next year.
this past year has seriously gone by so quick i can't even believe it. from enjoying the last few months of the apartment in davis, moving out, and going through my first semester at sonoma...it's just been wild.
the year started off with me turning 21, and going to vegas with my family and yasir.
met melissa.
saw head automatica with steph and her brother.
went to disneyland with stephanie.
my grandfather passed away.
went back to vegas, and it was even better the second time around with some of my best friends.
moved out of the davis apartment; the end of an era.
lost touch with yasir, but fortunately not grayson and alex.
howard died. =(
got to see mars volta with grayson and saul.
finally got to see tool with grayson.
started my first semester at sonoma...which has been great.
had a good thanksgiving in half boon bay with the family, followed by a great christmast at home.
and then last night--getting to end the year and ring in the new one with some of my best friends.

as i said, 2006 was a really eventful year...i remember feeling completely overloaded at more than one instance. but it was a really good year for me, and i'm glad that i've made it through the year and i'm looking forward to experiencing what will come in 2007, because i think it's going to be even better. i'm so happy that i have a wonderful girlfriend, as well as some great friends that i'm sure will remain by my side for years to come.

From: (Anonymous)
2007-01-03 03:20 am (UTC)
Push it to the LIMIT.

Next Year in Jerusalem, but this week in Sonoma, knamean?
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[User Picture]From: exel
2007-01-06 04:53 am (UTC)
i want to plan another vegas trip really soon. let me know if you're interested
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[User Picture]From: l0ser
2007-01-06 10:06 am (UTC)
i'm certainly in. name the date and i'll def work around it.
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